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To the digital home of Christine Rains and her many dark worlds.

Now available!

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Blight of the Necromancer


When offered a choice between tedious research or fighting a dragon, the players always choose the dragon.


Even when they’re dangerously outmatched.


No one rational ever wants to play a bard, but Nora Quinn believed she could use her class’ skills of perception to her advantage as an investigator. As Essaerae the elven bard, she regrets picking the role now that the players are trapped in the dark realm of Khthonia. She desperately desires to go home, but her friends want to stay in the fantasy world, causing a rift in the party. To lift the Specter Plague curse from the land and win the game, the heroes must defeat the conniving necromancer. Yet he’s shadowing them with death the entire way.


Seeking the tools they need, Nora and her friends must survive perilous side quests and hordes of undead. The answer to how to slay the villain lies in the western ruins, but Nora is certain he is the only one who can get her home. And for that, he needs to stay alive.


Nora must choose between killing the necromancer and lifting the curse or siding with him and going home. Neither choice feels like a victory.

A fantasy LitRPG/GameLit for fans of table-top role-playing games.


Happy 2024! It's the year of the Dragon, and I hope to fiercely roar with productivity. This year I'll be focusing on doing romances for my pen name, but maybe I'll get back into the final book of the Of Blood and Sorrow trilogy. It needs an ending. What that ending will be, I don't know yet!

I'm excited to have been interviewed by Matthew LeDrew (founder of Engen Press) on the Write Project Podcast. Check out the interview here!

I've been continuing to submit a short story every month as I did last year. It was great for my confidence and productivity. Last year, I had two flash pieces win second prize in contests.

I've been busy with my pen name, Morena Silver, too. I'm almost finished the third and final book of my co-written trilogy, Age of Remnants. Plus I've taken my name off six of my erotic titles and rebranded them under Morena's name. 


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