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In every one of their games, the bard dies first.

But this time, she may be the only one who can save them all.

Nora Quinn wants to play a bard like no other seen before, and the newest table-top role-playing game is the perfect chance to show off her skills. Yet when Nora and her friends find themselves in the dark fantasy world of Khthonia, she struggles to be any type of bard at all. There, things aren't as straightforward as the games she's used to playing.

If she and her friends want to get back to the real world, then Nora has to lift the curse plaguing Khthonia for over a century. The fate of the realm and their way home rest in Nora's hands, but will she survive when the bard is always the first to die?

A fantasy LitRPG/GameLit for fans of table-top role-playing games.


Hello! I'm finally getting my website fixed up. Please let me know if there are any elements you would like to see on the site. You can get a hold of me through the contact page.

I'm excited Shudder of Specters is out in the world, and I'm working on the second book in the Khthonia trilogy, Ravage of Revenants.