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Knot A Chance in Hell Release Day

Blurb: Isolated with three gorgeous Alphas, can she resist their charms and make her escape?

Nicolette Lancaster wants to live a life in fashionable luxury and travel the world. Yet when she’s shipped off to Alaska to be married to a rugged lumberjack, her dreams are crushed. The only way she believes she can escape is if she hides when she goes into heat and declares their union incompatible.

The Alphas may love their peaceful solitude, but when this feisty Omega storms into their lives, they’re drawn to the beautiful chaos she brings. They have never backed down from a challenge. If the danger of logging or the fierce wildlife of the north doesn’t kill them, trying to win over Nicolette might.

Knot a Chance in Hell is a sweet standalone, reverse harem Omegaverse romance without shifters. It has sweet and super steamy scenes meant for readers who are 18+.

Alora James is my Omegaverse pen name. Through my struggles with marketing, I've been trying different experiments to see what works. With this subgenre romance, I know exactly where to find my audience and to include all the tropes. So many tropes! I've found that there are very few genres where readers are willing to take a chance on something different or something that breaks the tropes. Sci-fi is a good example, because our ideas of the future are constantly changing. Romance readers, on the other hand, want what they want and that is all the tropes.

It was fun to travel back to Alaska in this book (that's where my TOTEM series took place). With it being a destination I hope to explore one day myself, it made the research for it a lot of fun. While sometimes the marketing aspect of being an author frustrates me, there are other things I love about my job.

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May 01

I've been loving stories told in the cold places of our world lately! I think the extreme difference it engaging.

H. R. Sinclair -

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