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Knot My Secret Santa

Blurb: She’s falling for her Secret Santa and his perfect gifts. What she doesn’t know is that he’s her boss.

Avery Bell is excited for the holidays and loves to spend time with her family. When she agrees to play the office Secret Santa game, she never expects to be surprised with gifts from someone who seems to truly understand her. Yet she can’t fantasize about who her Secret Santa might be when her gorgeous Alpha boss accidently triggers her heat.

Nathaniel Donner may be considered a harsh boss, but his drive for perfection has helped his architecture firm earn superb reviews. He would never do anything to ruin his company’s reputation until the beautiful Omega in his office makes him lose control. Falling for her fast, he wants only to protect and take care of Avery, but her fear of no longer being a good girl on Santa’s nice list makes her want to run from him. Can Nathaniel convince her that she will always be the good girl even if she’s naughty?

No review for this book since this is a pen name experiment of mine. I actually call it the pen name of my pen name! This is me trying to narrow down a sub-genre and pinpoint the marketing. I know other authors in this genre (sweet Omegaverse romance with steam) and where they promote. It's very focused, only on Facebook and TikTok. That's all I do for this pen name, and it's working. It's by far the best branding I've done.

For years, marketing has frustrated me. I enjoy writing a lot of different kinds of stories. I don't like to restrict myself to one type of story in a particular genre. Yet to gain any traction in today's market, that's what authors have to do. I don't like to be put into a box. I instinctively rebel against it, and it makes promoting myself (Christine Rains) nearly impossible. I write funny stories and dark ones, clean romance and erotic romance, urban fantasy and epic fantasy, and sci-fi and contemporary realism. When a story takes a hold of me, I don't care what genre it's in. But the market does.

My Alora James pen name pays the bills. The romances are light and sweet. KNOT MY SECRET SANTA was a lot of fun to write being a Christmas story, and it has all warm fuzzies on so many levels. I will continue to write whatever I want under my own name, because my rebel muse won't have it any other way. I will only promote in ways that are fun to me for those stories. Otherwise being an author ceases to be fun, and that's a fate I wish on no writer.

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1 Comment

Dec 04, 2023

Congrats on the release.

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