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Review for Black Womb (Coral Beach Casefiles #1)

Blurb: In the style of teen slasher movies comes Black Womb, the story of four Maine teens being stalked by a relentless, shadowy killer. As more and more of their friends are picked off, the killer is revealed to work for a sinister government agency with deep ties to one of the teens and the deep secret they’re hiding.

Review: Xander Drew had a rough start to life, but it isn't so bad now, especially living next to the girl of his dreams. If only she felt the same way. A murderer starts picking off teens in their small town of Coral Beach and leaves the ominous words at the first scene: Black Womb. When he targets Xander and his friends, they must do everything they can to survive. Except this killer is something far more sinister than any of them could imagine.

This is an amazing start to the dark paranormal thriller series, the Coral Beach Casefiles. Make no mistake, even though this is YA, it is dark and gory. It holds nothing back. The descriptions are wonderfully done. The visuals are powerful and bring the nightmare to life. There are multiple points of view, but it focuses mostly on Xander and his three friends, Sara, Cathy, and Mike. I love their close little group, just doing things like normal teens do. Xander has a not-so-secret crush on Sara, but for her own reasons, she keeps him in the friend zone. The tension is tight and the killer marvelously frightening. There are a lot of twists and turns in the plot, and it opens deeply buried dark secrets that take the story to stranger levels. Levels I can't wait to see explored throughout the series.

You can find Matthew LeDrew on his website and buy the book here.

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1 Comment

C. Lee McKenzie
C. Lee McKenzie
Aug 03, 2022

That one sounds truly ominous. C. Lee McKenzie

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