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Review for Hidden Omega

Blurb: I was in heat, and my alphas were willing to burn.

It was just supposed to be a good time at the Alpha ball, not the moment my life changed forever.

But it was.

And now danger follows me everywhere.

Every Alpha there was starved for an omega. And I was about to be the main course.

If it weren’t for three strangers, I might already be dead.

Shadow, Aspen, and Viper saved me, risking their own lives and violating pack laws by taking me. I didn’t want a pack. I didn’t want the heat. But at least with them I'm safe for now.

Or so I think.

But these men are hiding secrets of their own, secrets that are as dangerous as the alphas who would have broken me that night.

Only, this rogue pack is all I have. I have to trust their vows to protect me, no matter the cost. Which just might be higher than any of us thought we’d pay. Because there’s a killer on the loose, taking out omegas like me, and thanks to that night, I may just be the next victim…

Review: Trinity sneaks into the Alpha ball with the hope of finding her missing friend. Instead, she starts to go into heat and a pack of strangers whisks her away to keep as their own. Even though the Alphas who kidnapped her are doing so illegally, it's the safest place for Trinity. Or so they say. She will have to learn to trust them or she might end up in the clutches of an Alpha who would be happy to see her dead.

This is the steamy first book in an Omegaverse paranormal romance series. I confess I have never read a book from the very large Omegaverse world. They're immensely popular, and I was recommended this one to dip my toes into it. While there is a variety of subgenres in the Omegaverse, this one falls into the "sweetverse." There is danger, but it is on the sweet side of things. It's hot and dirty, but it also made me melt for how tender the Alphas could be. The world building is fantastic. Omegas are rare and the Alphas vie to find ones to mate. (The rules of the world are different in various Omegaverse books, but they all contain Alphas, Betas, and Omegas along with the Omega going into heat and nesting.) Trinity never wanted to be an Omega, but fate had other plans for her. Shadow, Aspen, and Viper are each very different, and they sizzle in their own ways. Daniel is the pack's Beta and I adore his soothing nature. Be prepared, the book ends on a huge cliffhanger.

Am I an Omegaverse convert now? No, not really. They're just a subgenre of paranormal romance which focuses on a few very specific things. I don't want to read about a female going into heat and nesting every single time I read a paranormal romance book. I like a wider range of plots, and while sweet is nice once in a while, I do like my stories darker.

You can find Liora Rose on TikTok, and buy her book here.

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