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Review for Natural Exposure (Bijou Basin #1)

Blurb: It’s business as usual for Kenzie in her boudoir studio. Every day, fascinating people of all genders stroll through and Kenzie has the privilege of making them shine. She’s photographed the gamut: sultry brides-to-be seeking a naughty gift for their spouse, the confidant trans person showing the world their true self, and triads locked in passion, each moment of their tender lovemaking on display.

Kenzie’s been a part of it all, but never has a client captivated her so completely, until she steps through the door.

Ripley never recuperated from the relationship that irrevocably changed her. Desperate to forget the past, she moves to the progressive town of Bijou Basin, pursuing a fresh start. While acquainting herself with her new life, she notices an advertisement for an erotic nude photographer. On a whim, she books a session, hoping the experience will help her reclaim her identity.

Sparks fly for both women, but Ripley discovers there’s more to Kenzie than meets the eye. Can Ripley accept Kenzie as she is and does she want to date someone so complicated? Can Kenzie prove she’s worth it?

Review: Bijou Basin is a paradise for LGBTQ+ folks and those who love them, and this is where Kenzie has decided to make her home. She has a successful boudoir studio, but never has she been so enthralled by a client until Ripley walks through the door. Ripley is new to town and looking for a fresh start after the end of a bad relationship. Kenzie and Ripley immediately connect, but Kenzie's poly lifestyle isn't for everyone. Will Ripley be able to accept Kenzie as she is or will their differences keep them apart?

This is the first book in the fabulous contemporary poly romance series, Bijou Basin. I love this author's style so much. It's smooth and detailed and focuses on characterization. It's told from Kenzie's point of view who is a photographer and married to a sweet Dom named Jarrett. Their relationship is a healthy and open one. I love how communication is the key, and while there are still emotional struggles, they talk through it. No miscommunication romance tropes here! Ripley is timid and Kenzie works to help her come out of her shell and heal from past hurts all the while helping her explore BDSM. The two women develop feelings quickly, but it gets tangled when they attempt to make a triad. All the secondary characters are wonderful and add so much color to the story. Plus, I feel the gigantic studio with all its rooms is a character too. I want to book my own photography session!

I discovered this series through a free short story called "A Discovery of BDSM" which takes place when Kenzie is in college. It was only a small bit of erotica, but the author's writing style and approach to lifestyle were so well done, I had to read more.

You can find Koriana Brackson on her site and buy the book here.

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