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Review for One Night In Wildcat Woods

Blurb: 1989. The woods behind Wyland High School enclose over a century of local lore. When ex best friends Drew and Rayze become lost there, a new legend is added to the history of Wildcat Woods.

Review: Drew and Rayze thought they only lost a frisbee. As they search the Wildcat Woods, the trees close in around them and a mysterious cave looms ahead. Will they lose more than just the disk?

This is a short and enthralling paranormal teen read. I read it out back of my son's junior high school sitting in the car with the forest just across the street. I couldn't put it down until I read the entire thing. Drew the swimmer jock and Rayze the metal head were once best friends, but the teenage years pushed them apart. More like Drew got into sports and made new friends, leaving Rayze behind. This takes place in 1989, but I didn't feel like the time period had any effect on what was going on. It could have been happening this year. As they search the woods behind their high school, they reminisce and peel back the layers of why they drifted apart. The woods itself seems to have some hold on them or them on it? It's supernatural, maybe a fairy wood, but whatever it is, the teens are there for a reason. I loved the mystery and how they had to delve deeper not only into the environment but themselves. There is constant tension throughout but not constrictive. I didn't feel on the edge of my seat, but I was hooked and had to find out what would happen. Marvelous dialogue and a layer of LGBTQ+ romance.

You can find Amanda Innes on Twitter and buy the book here.

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