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Review for Serenade (The Dark Nocturne #1)

Blurb: St. Paul’s Academy of the Arts isn’t your usual boarding school...

When November Huntington is sent away to live with her long-lost family, she’s forced to attend a music school for the gifted—which wouldn’t be a problem if November were musical. She’s an athlete through and through, and hates being different.

The kids at the school don’t welcome her, they’re wary of her presence, especially Vincent, a brooding teenage boy involved with dark spirits, who can make time stop when he plays his piano. In fact, all her classmates are obsessed with playing their instruments. And odd things happen when they do.

But something is off about the school. Deaths have occurred through the years, students showing up dead the same way November's parents were killed—with their throats ripped out.

A killer is on the loose... November must figure out a way to stop whoever it is, balance her feelings for Vincent, and solve her parents' past before she, too, is numbered among the dead.

Review: November Huntington has no idea why her parents were killed or her family's dark past. When she arrives at St. Paul's Academy of the Arts, she doesn't believe she'll fit in. She's a climber, not an artist or a musician. Yet the world as she knows it is shattered when she discovers the truth of the school and her family. There's a killer stalking the school, and when students start turning up dead in the same manner as her parents, November gets caught in the middle and this whole secret world might be the death of her too.

This is the first book in the thrilling new YA paranormal series, The Dark Nocturne. The premise of this is unique in the genre. The students of the school are special in that the music they make helps keep those from across the veil from crossing over. They are guardians. A big responsibility for ones so young. November doesn't think she has a talent, but it's amazing when she discovers hers and how rare it is. November is a strong young woman, dealing with bullying, the death of her parents, and this new sudden and immense responsibility thrown upon her. Plus the mystery of the murders. There are several layers to the plot and secrets upon secrets. It's such an amazing read, and I can't wait for more in this series!

You can find Morgan Shamy on her site and buy the book here!

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M.J. Fifield
M.J. Fifield
Jun 20, 2022

I haven't had a chance to read this one yet, but I'm very excited for Morgan. Sounds like a fantastic start to a very cool series!

Jun 21, 2022
Replying to

It's so different than the usual YA reads dealing with death and other realms. Well worth the read! :)

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