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Review for Smitten with Baklava

Blurb: When Olivia is forced to take her first vacation in five years, she travels to a picturesque Greek island. But instead of spending time relaxing by the pool, Olivia finds herself hate-flirting with Xander, a local guy with a cocky smile and a unibrow. Just when Olivia starts to fall for Xander, her boss assigns her to a secret work project—one that will force her to choose between her career and love.

Review: Olivia needs to be needed and hasn't taken a vacation from work in five years. When HR makes her use her vacation days, she secretly works as she stays with her aunt on a beautiful Greek island. She finds herself immediately attracted to a handsome local man named Xander and doesn't want love in her life. Yet she cannot help falling for him. Work and love clash, and Olivia must choose what's most important to her.

Another fantastic romantic comedy in the Smitten with Travel series. I've read them all, and every single one of them have made me laugh and made me hungry. It's light-hearted, funny, and so much fun. Olivia is a workaholic, and she doesn't know how to relax outside of work. Her aunt tries to get her to remember the carefree and fun kid she used to be, but it's with Xander that Olivia really breaks out of her shell. There are gorgeous descriptions of the island and all the Greek food. I get to travel to these exotic places through the eyes of the protagonist. Of course, I sympathize with Olivia in that I'm a very picky eater (even pickier than Olivia because I don't like tacos!), but I'm willing to try new things too. It's wonderful to see how Olivia grows and opens her heart. Fingers crossed there will be more in this series!

You can find Ellen Jacobson on her site and buy here book here!

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