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Review for State of Grace (Moonflower Cove #1)

Blurb: Blake Calloway has spent decades thinking her mother didn’t want her, but letters found in a chest tell a very different story. Determined to find the truth, Blake hops on a plane and heads for Moonflower Cove, Maine, searching for answers. The last thing she expects to find is Alexis.

Alexis Holland has watched Blake’s hit sci-fi TV show for years and is surprised when the actress shows up at the bar where she works. Despite the chemistry between them, she’s convinced it’s all in her head. After all, she’s a single mom with more baggage than a booked airplane. What could Blake possibly see in her?

Will they be able to overcome their past mistakes and traumas to embrace the new love before them? Or will Alexis push Blake away and retreat back to her safe world?

Review: When actress Blake Calloway's father passes away, she discovers an old chest in the attic with letters from her mother. A mother who she thought didn't want her, but truly did. Blake returns to her small hometown in Maine to a mother who welcomes her back with open arms and a big family that is spectacular. She also meets the beautiful Alexis, a single mother and employee in her mother's bar. Sparks fly, but they each have their own baggage and come from different worlds. Can they somehow push past their traumas and have their happily ever after?

This was a fun and sweet contemporary lesbian romance. There was nothing mysterious or life-threatening in the plot, so you could count it as lower stakes. There is a relationship at stake, though! Blake is a smart and confident actress who isn't sure how to fit in with the family she was taken from years ago. She struggles to find her place in the world and really wants it to be with Alexis. Yet Alexis has her own hurt to deal with, and she isn't going to let just anyone into her life. There are sparks, and the romance is slow burn, but that works perfectly for how they unravel their pasts. I adore the overprotective Sophia! Even though the plot was predictable and we knew we'd get our happily ever after, I'm happy to see there are more stories in this series, because the characters are fantastic.

You can find Addison Clarke on Twitter and buy her book here.

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