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Review for The Binding (The Binding Universe #1)

Blurb: Drawn to the city of New Orleans, Sybella Rose seeks answers hidden in mausoleums of lore, and she soon discovers that history and mystery walk together in this world filled with more dead than the living. As this recipe for love and power is revealed, Sybella Rose tastes a bit of rebellion, befriends a lonely ghost, and drowns in the essence of a certain vampire before finally succumbing to her inevitable end.

Review: Sybella Rose flees from her stifled life to the great and colorful city of New Orleans. It's everything she ever dreamed it would be, including the supernatural side. Taken under her landlords' wings, she has a lovely apartment with a kind ghost and a job at a Voodoo shop and all sorts of delicious food to eat. Demien, one of the most powerful vampires in the city, speaks with her the first day, and he never takes notice of anyone. Sybella feels an irresistible pull to him and cannot get him out of her mind. Neither can her ghost and the king of vampires.

This was a wonderfully written paranormal romance with a gorgeous vampire and a headstrong heroine in New Orleans. I loved the descriptions of the city, especially the little details which usually get left out in other books featuring the place. It gave New Orleans a feeling of being a character itself. The city's history and the Voodoo lore were fabulous. It didn't fall in great boring chunks, but came in bits that fit nicely as the story unfolded. Sybella won me over immediately, and while the prologue already told the reader what her future was like, the journey was well worth it. I adored JoJo and Al. Everyone needs people like those two in their lives, especially one that can cook so well! This was a great first book in the series, and did leave some mysteries for the next books.

You can find Victoria Clapton on Facebook and buy the book here!

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