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Review for The Dust Navigator

Blurb: No one believes a woman can become a ship’s navigator in a male-dominated society, but Lissa was going to prove them wrong.

Lissa is excited to arrive at the prestigious University of Flux Navigation, even if she is forced into a lesser program of study just for girls. Other students are jealous of her natural talents and make her social life a living nightmare. A handsome young man expresses interest in her, but his charms and good looks are soon overshadowed by the secrets he keeps.

To prove her genius, Lissa excels in classes, competes in school-wide competitions, and outshines the competition wherever she goes. When an exalted teacher finally recognizes her promise, she must pass a Drujan journeyman’s test in order to prove once and for all she is navigator material...especially as a female.

Life at the university may be a trial for Lissa, but things turn from bad to worse upon learning the pirate king is on his way to murder her. She once wronged this cruel man, and the need for revenge burns hot in his heart. Curious creatures call to her from the dust, begging for her help in exchange for theirs, and she badly needs their help.

If she is to graduate and survive the pirates, she’ll need all the wits and skills to outsmart everyone who wants her to fail...or worse, die.

Review: Lissa's dream is to become a navigator, and while the whole world seems against her, it only makes her more determined. She arrives at the university with her best friend Branda and immediately the other girls single her out. It doesn't help when the teachers themselves seem to want her to fail. Lissa won't let anyone deter her and demonstrates how adept she is. It isn't only the students and staff that want her gone. A cruel pirate wants his revenge on her, and he'll get it any way he can.

This is a wonderfully written YA fantasy and just as fantastic as the first book in the series. It had been a while since I read the first book, but I was immediately drawn back into the marvelous world with its dust ocean. The details and descriptions are entrancing, and I love learning more about the history and all the different cultures of the world. Lissa spends most of the book at the university. There's the threat of bullies, but her troubles keep doubling and growing into much more terrifying things. I admire her heart and determination through it all. I also really adore Branda and how she stands by Lissa no matter what. I'm enthralled by the mystery of the klynaks, and how they fit into everything. I won't say much more as I don't want to spoil the twists in this plot. I can't wait for the next book!

You can find Graeme Ing on his site and buy the book here!

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