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Review for The Heart to Lead (The Playgrounds #3)

Blurb: Three years of mourning. One night of pleasure. It might be a new beginning, but only if he is willing to submit.

Three years ago, Lani McMillan lost her submissive, and she has been running from her heart ever since. She may rely on the occasional scene to scratch the itch, but no other has come close to arousing her dominant instincts to claim them as her own.

That is, until she meets The Playgrounds’ latest security contractor, Nathan Pelletier.

He is everything she didn’t expect—ex-military, ex-cop, a fighter, a leader and very much confused by why submitting to her fulfills his deepest desires. So why does she want nothing more than to wrap her hands around his tie and pull him closer?

But time is running out for them to explore their new, tenuous bond, as the demons of both, real and imagined, emerge from the shadows and threaten to consume them. Now they must decide what they are to each other if they are to survive their pasts and their own desires.

Because it takes more than the will of a Dominant to lead.

Review: Lani McMillan still grieves over the loss of her submissive three years ago. She sometimes has a one-night stand but no one has made her feel anything until Nathan Pelletier has come along. He's The Playgrounds' newest security contractor and a natural submissive, even if he doesn't realize it yet. Their one night together leaves a hold on them both. Lani struggles with her grief and Nathan with what it means to him being a submissive. Will they manage to overcome that which haunts them?

This is an exceptionally well-written contemporary romance. There is BDSM involved, but it is not heavy and everyone is treated with respect. It's more about the lifestyle than the kinky sex. The tension between Lani and Nathan was sizzling. They fit together so well, and I cheered them on through the book hoping they'd get together. Lani's grief is realistically portrayed, especially with how one little simple thing can bring up the sorrow. She is a strong and smart woman, a dominant, but it does not mean her heart can't be vulnerable. Nathan is very masculine, ex-cop and ex-military, and he naturally wants to serve. There's a social stigma about the role of a submissive, though, and he struggles with it. All the secondary characters I love are still there at The Playgrounds. There are very steamy parts, but also dark and gritty ones. I was squirming in my seat for various reasons as I read this book. I can't wait for more in this spectacular series!

You can find P. Stormcrow on her site and buy the book here.

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C. Lee McKenzie
C. Lee McKenzie
Jun 14, 2022

I guess a "submissive" is a partner/lover? Interesting.

Jun 21, 2022
Replying to

Yes, a submissive gives complete control over to the dominant partner.

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