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Review of A Quick Test (A Quick Tale Book #4)

Blurb: Aliens Outer Space Experiments

These mysteries fascinate our minds.

Explore the unknown in this exciting collection of tales. Each story is told in exactly 200 words and designed to stimulate your brain no matter how busy your day is.


Review: Do you believe in aliens? What about lizardfolk from another dimension? What do you do when black-eyed children show up at your door?

I love these wonderful little bites of stories. I can read a few here and a few there between all the things I need to do in my busy life. This is the fourth book in the multi-genre series of flash fiction called A Quick Tale Book. The theme for this one is sci-fi, and there are fantastic stories all across the board in this collection. It's separated into four sections: Outer Space, Science, Aliens, and Conspiracies. The Conspiracies section is my favorite. I love seeing all the different things humans think might be alien and the crazy lore that goes along with them. Standout stories for me are "Xenology," "Lizard People," and "Inside Job."

Do I believe in aliens? I do. I'm leaning more in the direction that they come from different dimensions rather than traveling through space though. I don't know if they're here on Earth or if they'd even be interested in it more past an entertainment value. I don't think we'll get definite answers in my lifetime, but it's fun to think about.

You can find Patricia Josephine Lynne on her site and buy the book here.

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