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Review of A Spinster's Guide to Matchmaking

Blurb: Lady Eleanor Pembroke may be a spinster, but she is also considered the most esteemed matchmaker in London society. After years of successful matches, the time has finally come to find her brother, the Duke of Norwich, the perfect bride. Eleanor sets her sights on a young lady who would make the perfect match. The only obstacle in her way? The lady’s overprotective and arrogant the Marquess of Kerwood.

Lord Nathaniel Thorne, the Marquess of Kerwood, is a man of honour and duty. As a dedicated chaperone to his younger sister, he will stop at nothing to ensure her happiness. Only the best will do for sweet Hetty, and even a duke may not be up to his exacting standards, especially when he comes with an overbearing busybody sister.

As Eleanor and Nathaniel engage in a battle of wills over their siblings, they realize that their fiery exchanges mask a sizzling attraction that threatens to consume them both. With each heated exchange, they discover hidden depths and unexpected passions.

Is it merely a scorching desire that sparks between them, or could it be something more? Could it be that the spinster matchmaker and the stoic marquess have finally found true love in each other's arms?

Review: Lady Eleanor Pembroke gave up her own chances at marriage when her parents passed away to take care of her siblings. Her youngest sister has recently married and now Eleanor has found the perfect wife for her brother. Even though Eleanor has a reputation as a magnificent matchmaker, the lady's handsome older brother, Lord Nathaniel Thorne, is making the courting difficult. He does not want his young sister to end up in a loveless marriage like his mother and other sister. Eleanor is determined to make this match and will fight Nathaniel every step of the way, but their desire for one another grows. Will they find love with one another or ruin the sizzling spark?

This is a wonderfully written Regency romance with a nice dose of steam. It's exactly how I enjoy books in this genre. Lots of tension, family drama, and secret kisses. Eleanor is not a young woman new to society. She's intelligent, charming, and knows her mind. I love how she never bent to anyone if she disagreed, and how she nurtured close bonds with her family and friends. The tension between her and Nathaniel was hot! Very nicely done enemies to lovers. Their bickering is highly entertaining, and it becomes a form of foreplay for them. They had their own opinions of themselves to contend with too. This was emotional and fun, and I've already the next book featuring Eleanor's spinster friend, Charlotte, which is just as good as this one.

You can find Beatrix St. John on her site and buy the book here.

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