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Review of Caskets & Conspiracies (Lindy Johnson #1)

Blurb: A favor for her quirky aunt unleashes a dangerous conspiracy. Can she survive their deadly attempt to silence her forever? 

Lindy Johnson, private investigator, has always had the insatiable desire to solve puzzles. But while she's quick to learn everyone else's secrets, she's careful to keep her own private life guarded.

Diagnosed with multiple sclerosis five years ago, she does her best to keep that side of her life concealed, unwilling to let others see her internal weaknesses. It makes for a lonely life, but isolation has never been something that bothered her-- at least it didn't used to.

When her Aunt Stella asks her to look into yet another outlandish conspiracy, Lindy expects an easy weekend wrap-up. Last time, the case of the supposed serial killer was just Stella's neighbor making a compost pile.

But when death after death starts moving closer to the people she loves, Lindy can't ignore the danger. The deeper she dives into the case, the closer she draws to her unseen adversary.

Complicated by emotions she has avoided, and with help from an unlikely and far too handsome source, can she unwind the web of lies before it is too late?

Review: Lindy Johnson pushes people away, and it doesn't help in making friends that she's a private investigator dealing in people's secrets. Her Aunt Stella asks her to look into some mysterious deaths of fellow churchgoers, and what might have seemed natural deaths turn out to be something much bigger. Bigger than what Lindy can handle alone. Yet can she let the handsome Ryder into her life and her case without getting emotionally attached?

This is a great start to a mystery series with a strong female protagonist. Lindy has a lot of trauma with her family, and on top of it, she has multiple sclerosis (MS). She thinks it best to save everyone the heartache and not get attached to people, because she's doomed to physical deterioration. My mother-in-law has MS, and I felt the description of the disease was good. Lindy has to take a daily shot, which I had to do at times for my MIL since my husband couldn't handle giving needles. Ryder is persistent and just as daring as Lindy is. There's a lot of push and pull there (more push!) but they're good together. I love the fact Ryder lives in a lighthouse. (I wished the book showed more of the lighthouse.) The antagonists are clear from the start, but it's wonderful to see how the plot comes together and how it grows into this grand conspiracy.

You can find Nellie K. Neves on her site and buy the book here.

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Solid review, and it's good to know that the MS is accurately portrayed. ---And I love lighthouses so that's a cool side note!

PS: My blog feed has changed.


That's me H. R. Sinclair. I don't know how to comment on here correctly! LOL

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