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Review of Death by Miss Adventure

Blurb: She’s an accident waiting to happen.

There’s a specter haunting Las Vegas. An incorporeal hitman lurks in the shadows, striking down the evil and corrupt wherever they hide.

Adina Venture is that hitman. With the ability to travel through an alternate plane using personal items connected to her targets, she truly holds the power of life and death in the palm of her hand. No contracts. No conversations. Just gruesome accidents, untraceable and custom-made.

When Adina is accused of killing a valued member of the clandestine magical Order, her history of operating undetected becomes a massive liability. Now, she must find the real culprit to get the Order off her back. Literally--until the case is over, she will be chained to a sullen investigator with a terrifying knack for mental destruction and a searing hatred for treason (and traitorous magicians). But what begins as a simple clearing of her name leads the pair into a simmering cauldron of desperation and madness that makes Adina question not just her own choices, but the nature of existence itself.

Review: Adina Venture is an assassin not only striking at her targets from the shadows, but from the realm of ghosts. No evidence of her hand in it ever. Until the Order shows up at her door and accuses her of murdering one of their own. She must work with a fierce Inquisitor to unravel the case and find the true murderer. Yet the investigation might mean not only her own death, but those of the few people she cares about.

This is the first book in the thrilling urban fantasy series, Death by Miss Adventure. It's wonderfully dark and unique. I've read other books with ghost assassins, but the concept of Adina is very different from everything else and I love it. She believes she's untraceable, but there is magic she isn't aware of. The world building is fantastic. There's the Order with it's fearsome reputation and rules, but also the seedy underside of the supernatural world. The mystery unfolds slowly and took twists that I didn't expect. Adina is a sarcastic lone wolf type who is stuck with a handsome Inquisitor who has a terrifying reputation. They complement each other perfectly. I'd love to know more about Shiva and Russ. I'll definitely be picking up the next book in this series. Highly recommended for fans of urban fantasy.

You can find S.G. Tasz on her site and buy the book here.

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