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Review of Enemies to Lovers (Give Me a Love Trope, #1)

Blurb: Is it hate or is it love?

I've heard of childhood sweethearts, but Val is my childhood rival. She snagged the first-place ribbon at the science fair, won Senior Class President, leaving me as her measly VP, and seemed to check out the only copy of the exact book I needed for my next report.

I thought graduation would've stopped the nonsense, but she showed up at the same college and veterinary school. And now there's an internship I'd love to get my hands on, and guess who's my competition?

But I'm just desperate enough to offer her what she's wanted for some time now—me. If I can hide my awkwardness and bad acting long enough to... seduce her, that internship is all mine.

Review: Val is Miles' childhood rival. Everything he did, she did better and did it gleefully with ease. Now in veterinary school, Miles wants to get an internship to start off his career right, but he's competing with Val again. He's always believed she hated him, but when his sister tells him Val actually likes him, he thinks maybe he can seduce her away from the internship. Yet he doesn't expect to fall for her himself.

This is a fun and quirky new adult contemporary romance. As from all Cassie Mae's books, I love that the characters aren't the typical Alpha male and vulnerable yet kick butt female. Val does kick butt, but she's confident in what she can do because she's smart and has a great support system. Same with Miles. He does get panicky, but he's got super siblings to support him. Plus there are the dogs! Very cute animal moments, and I love just how realistic they are. You do have to clean up poop. That's part of owning pets. Miles works at the animal shelter, and as someone who volunteers there, everything he has to deal with is accurate too.

If I were Miles, I would have thought Val hated me too. She's highly competitive and always puts herself against him. For the first quarter or so of the book, I found her irritating, but the story pulled me onward. From Val's point of view, she's showing interest in the same things he is and doing the best she can. She thinks she's showing she likes him. This is why seeing both points of view in books is awesome at times. There are laugh out loud moments and some steamy bits. This is a great light romance that I totally ate up.

You can find Cassie Mae on her site and buy the book here.

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