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Review of Four Point (Four Point Trilogy #1)

Blurb: Thirty-two bodies, twenty years, and a cold case that lives inside her alone. Detective Sali James teeters on the edge of sanity as she's forced to unearth her darkest days in order to stop Washington's most elusive serial killer. "Isn't watching beautiful?"

Review: Detective Sali James' darkest days were hunting a serial killer and then becoming a victim herself. Years later, the case enters the hands of another detective, Maggie, and she's determined to solve it, even when it means dealing with traumatized Sali. The two of them work together better than they dreamed, but will it be enough to catch the killer?

This is an intense and dark crime thriller. It is a real and hard look at coping with trauma through Sali's narrative. Every day, every minute is a struggle. I appreciated the author didn't hold back with the darker details. The case itself was layered and well thought out, and the serial killer smart and methodical. These were no sloppy, rage-in-the-moment killings. He stalked his prey and chose them for specific qualities. I liked how the plot twisted and peeled back for each new reveal. I especially liked the parts with Jenny. The romantic tension between Sali and Maggie was well played out, and there were some steamy moments. While Sali and Maggie could be see as very similar types, the differences complement each other perfectly.

You can find Max Ellendale on her site and buy her book here.

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1 commentaire

C. Lee McKenzie
C. Lee McKenzie
06 juin 2022

I like a good thriller once in a while. Thanks.

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