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Review of Heavy Dirty Soul

Blurb: A love that transcends Death. A curse that defies Time.

Bold, independent Ivy is a witch. In a time of rampant hysteria against witchcraft, Ivy is an easy target.

After she wins the heart of Thomas, the town's most eligible bachelor, Ivy's rivals burn her at the stake.

Her death unleashes a powerful curse, forcing Ivy and Thomas to relive their doomed romance throughout the ages.

But this is no love story...

Review: Ivy is a witch, eager to settle in a town with her mother and gain freedom from a life of always running and hiding. The most handsome young man in town, Thomas, catches her eye and he falls hard for her. Yet one of the maidens in town want him for herself and so call Ivy out on being a witch. As Ivy burns, she curses the people to suffer as she had, and in life after life, they do so, including Thomas and Ivy. Each life they meet up and repeat the same story. The only way to break the curse is to break the cycle, but can they let go of one another to save everyone else?

This is a marvelously dark and twisty tale. I love the unique take on the curse and reincarnation. I don't know the myths it was created from, but Amazon says they are in the Asian Myth & Legend category. We see Thomas and Ivy in life after life, repeating the same cycle. He remembers every life, but she does not. Thomas is incredibly sweet. He has a healer's soul and desperately wants to save Ivy from whatever horrific death awaits her in each life. I found it interesting that he learned to be a healer in times before doctors, and when the modern age comes around, he thinks modern medicine is not working, but his herbal remedies do. This is not a romance even if it has romantic elements. This is a horror story and a neat peek into various periods in history. This is also a YA book. Thomas and Ivy met as teens and died as teens, so that is where we see them in life after life. The teen drama differs in every era, but it does still carry the YA feel. It's the only reason I didn't give it five stars. Teen drama isn't my jam, but I do appreciate the originality of the story, and I had no idea where it would take me.

You can find A. A. Warne on her site and buy the book here.

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