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Review of House of Gilded Nightmares (Dark Fae Guardian #1)

Blurb: He's sworn to protect her, to give his life for hers. Giving her his heart, however, is absolutely forbidden.

For years he haunted my dreams. I never knew he's my shadow Fae guardian...

Or that I'm the future Queen of Nightmares.

Until he arrives, very much flesh and blood, to spirit me away to the Realm of Nightmares, and my awaiting throne.

But I'm not about to marry someone I've never met. If my guardian thinks I'll go quietly, he's about to have a fight on his hands.

What I'm not expecting is the powerful magic my guardian awakens in me...or the deep, dark secret he's hiding.

Review: Sarielle has always been different from the other girls. Not only with her looks, but the unusual dreams she has of a handsome stranger. When she's chosen as the consort to the High Priest, she takes the first opportunity to flee... To the Realm of Nightmares. Where she discovers she is the Queen and the only one that can save all the realms. They mysterious stranger in her dreams is her guardian, and he will stop at nothing to do his duty. Even when they start to fall for one another.

This is an amazing first book in a dark fantasy romance series. I love the world building which begins in a land that a rigid High Priest is controlling the magic and takes the reader to an enthralling dark realm of Nightmares. And they are literally nightmares. When someone dreams one, that is where they go. Yet the whole realm isn't frightening. It's a gorgeous landscape with so much beauty, and that contrasts well to the scary monsters. Sarielle is strong and independent, and she keeps falling into situations that she rebels against. She doesn't want to marry a man she doesn't know or rule over a land she doesn't remember. Zyren is mysterious and hot and so easy to swoon over. This story has all the tropes you want in a dark romantasy: brooding hero, he falls first, secrets, touch her and die, enemies to lovers.

You can find Aurora Grey on her site and buy the book here.

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Elizabeth Hartman Seckman
Elizabeth Hartman Seckman
19 févr.

Sounds intriguing!

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