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Review of Knot My Fairytale (Jaded Omegas #1)

Blurb: The whole world watched me lose it all…

After spending the last three months on My Fairytale, a show that promised I’d find my future pack and finally get my happily ever after, I realized it was too good to be true.

My chosen pack humiliated me in front of the world and now the only thing I can do is outrun the spotlight.

I find myself moving a few hours away, ready to start a new life.

But the past isn’t ready to let me go. Family is using me for their fifteen minutes, I have interviews I still have to conduct, and it’s starting to feel like I’ll never truly get away.

My trust was broken and I’m not sure if I can let anyone in again. The issue is there are several men in this town that don’t care about my past… in fact, they have skeletons of their own.

Can we stop living in the past and give this pack a chance, or will this once again end in heartbreak?

Review: Ellie was rejected on the popular reality TV show, My Fairytale, and retreated to the small town of Lockwood with her brother to heal. While her siblings are supportive, her parents are not, and this makes her want to hide even more. Yet while Ellie is dealing with the betrayal, she connects with mates who could be her new future. Will she find her happily ever after?

This was a fun and fast-paced Omegaverse reverse harem romance. In this universe, Omegas have not only Alpha mates, but Betas and other Omegas as well. Ellie is smart and reserved, and she has every right to be jaded after being publicly humiliated on the show. I love the concept of the show. It's a reality show that is much like The Bachelor or The Bachelorette. The Omega dates eight different packs and narrows them down to pick one at the end. Except there are two Omegas, and the Omega other than Ellie and the pack Ellie wanted to choose were lying to her and betray her. This book begins after that happens. It's the aftermath.

Each of Ellie's potential mates have their own issues which make them jaded too. My favorite is Ezra. I love a grumpy/sunshine trope! She meets four in this little town, which seems strange when she's traveled the world and lived in a big city her whole life never having met one fated mate before. There is little to no conflict between them, and they come together quickly. There are some steamy scenes, especially when she goes into heat.

You can find Jarica James' through her Linktree and buy the book here.

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