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Review of Myth Stalker: Wendigo Nights

Blurb: A late night call from her mentor sends Selina Moonstone on a mission to Canada, determined to track down a Wendigo and exterminate it.

Accustomed to facing off with the all too real creatures of Native American lore, Selina discovers the Wendigo is someone close to her, forcing her to change gears from destruction to frantic search for a cure. There's no known way to rid a person of the Wendigo spirit once it has begun the consumption of the victim's soul, a lesson she learned the hard way in her youth.

With her loved one's transition to Wendigo imminent, Selina must fight her own lifelong training as a Myth Stalker and find another way. She gathers a mismatched group of allies, including a charming Sin Eater and a conceited mercenary Cryptid hunter from her past, and embarks on a mission to find a solution before it's too late.

Review: Selina Moonstone is a Myth Stalker, hunting down cryptids and other things that go bump in the night. When she's called to Alberta, Canada to deal with a Wendigo, the last thing she expects is the evil spirit to be in a good friend. She's determined to find a cure even when everyone says there is none. The clock is ticking, and Selina must work with unlikely companions to do what needs to be done. Will she be able to save her friend or will she end up another victim of the Wendigo curse too?

This is a fantastic first book in the urban fantasy series, Myth Stalker. Selina isn't like other monster hunters in that she wants to kill everything, unlike some other cocky mercenaries. (I'm looking at you, Charles!) She wants to help them, bring them to their natural habitats. I like that she is trying to break out the stereotypical mold of a monster killer. Wanting to be more humane could get her into trouble, though.

The world building is awesome, and I particularly like the details of the Wendigo myth. Or not so much a myth in this world! It's based on Native American folklore which the author thoroughly researched. There's plenty of action great intrigue, but the story isn't rushed. The reader gets a good understanding of who Selina is and how she became that person. The whole cast of characters is wonderful. Add in a little bit of romance with a handsome Sin Eater named Oliver (totally not what you'd expect!), and I'm hooked.

You can find Shannon Lawrence on her site and buy the book here.

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