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Review of Promises of Mercy

Blurb: Killing is wrong. The reason doesn't matter.

Oncology nurse, Amber Delacroix is the number one suspect in a mercy-killing case--her brother's no less. A crime she did not commit. Finding comfort in the arms of the paramedic who treated her brother, Amber's budding relationship with the compassionate and kind Stone Benson heats up.

Just as they begin to explore new ground, Stone reveals shocking news: sharing his women with his roommate is his preferred lifestyle. The only problem? His friend just so happens to be detective Cade Carter, the cop who's accusing her of murder.

Now it's up to all three of them to clear Amber's name as the murderer, so the men can take mercy on her body...

Review: Amber Delacroix's brother had a terrible accident, and while his injuries weren't fatal, he ends up dead at the hospital and she's the number on suspect. She finds comfort with Stone who was the paramedic who was first on the scene. Stone can't get enough of her, but he shares everything with his roommate Cade. And Cade is the detective investigating Amber's brother's murder. Her attraction to both men only complicates matters more. Can they solve the case before more patients at the hospital are murdered and Amber ends up behind bars?

This is the first book in the steamy Montana Promises series, but it is a stand alone book too. Everything wraps up in the end, so you don't have to fear a cliffhanger here. Nothing seems to be going right for oncology nurse Amber, and she immediately grabs your sympathy by being so sweet and kind. I very much enjoyed the mystery aspect and trying to figure out who the killer was. I guessed a couple of people before I got it right! The romance was sweet and the intimate scenes were scorching. Lots of great sizzling parts that include scenes with Amber and both of the men. Stone and Cade are hard-working Alpha men but also very nice and tender in terms of Amber. While they are what Amber needs, neither of them change or grow through the story. Overall a good read, especially if you're looking for a romance with hot scenes.

You can find Vella Day on her site and buy the book here.

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