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Review of Re-Writing Christmas

Blurb: When Nova McKay heads to her elderly neighbour’s house for their regular afternoon tea, she’s greeted by an unfamiliar face.

Donovan, her neighbour’s grandson and renowned travel blogger, has been forced to return to England for the first time in ten years to spend some time with his recently widowed grandmother. It isn't long before Nova realises that Donovan is actually "little Donnie", the boy she played with during her childhood Christmas holidays, when his family visited town to see their relatives. Now, he's tall, broad, and sexy, and the attraction between them soon begins to crackle.

However, in the twenty years since they last saw each other, the fun-loving kid Nova used to know has hardened into a cynical adult. Unwilling to deal with his self-centred attitude, Nova sets out to remind Donovan that small-town life isn't the drag he's making it out to be.

Will she be able to melt his cold heart, or will he walk away leaving Nova's Christmas memories tainted forever?

Review: Nova McKay loves the small town life and Christmas festivities. Happy to spend time with her recently widowed neighbor, Nova is shocked to discover her grandson Donovan is visiting for the holidays and that he was the same boy who she spent Christmases with in her childhood. He's now a grumpy and cynical adult, and she sets out to bring back the Christmas spirit in him. Yet as they relive childhood activities, they begin to fall for one another. Will Nova be able to melt his heart or will he be gone again after Christmas, leaving her in pieces?

I loved this holiday romance so much. I want to participate in all the holiday fun along with them! You get a holiday trip in a small town in the UK and it's worth every second. The characters are beautifully written and realistic evoking a powerful emotional sleigh ride. Nova and her widowed neighbor both had my heart right away, and while it took a little bit for my heart to melt for Donovan, he won me over. The history between Nova and Donovan is so sweet and their romance develops that way. I smirked along with his grandmother, seeing it happen along the way, even if Nova and Donovan didn't at first. Even as I write this review, I still have the warm fuzzies from this book. I've always been a big fan of Kyra's, and I think this is her best book yet.

You can find Kyra Lennon on Facebook and buy the book here.

Happy Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone! I'll be taking next week off, but I'll see you in the new year.

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Elizabeth Hartman Seckman
Elizabeth Hartman Seckman

I was looking for a Christmas book! I'm going to buy a copy and save it for next Christmas season. Look at me...ahead of the game already!

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