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Review of The Chimera Bounty (Fae Prison: Earth #1)

Blurb: Before meeting Corvin, Maeve’s penniless investigative journalist days were on wash, rinse, repeat: gym, latte, class, bar job, and madly slamming her keyboard in between. When the tall, handsome shifter pulls back the veil, revealing that she too is a Fae shapeshifter, everything changes.

Now Maeve is tangled up with a Naga crime lord who’s demanding Corvin finish his mission. But given his “Fraebies,” Corvin’s magic is too dangerous to use and he’s forced to leverage Maeve’s investigative skills to find his quarry: a doctor that can cure him.

Maeve’s life is on a new trajectory. The grumpy, smoldering Corvin will teach her magic as they hunt down the bounty, and she’ll get a killer story out of it—

Hopefully not too killer.

Review: Maeve's days as a struggling journalist student working as a bartender come to an end when she meets grumpy but hot Corvin at the bar. She is suddenly pulled into the strange underground world of the Fae. She'd been investigating a case of missing college girls, and now with her new magic, she discover the nightmarish truth of what is really happening. She is determined to save the girls, but she must learn fast or she could be the next prisoner.

This is the first book in the wonderfully unique paranormal romance series, Fae Prison: Earth. It's hard to pin down the genre. It's part paranormal romance, science-fiction, and crime thriller with a hint of LitRPG thrown in. Maeve is strong and independent, and she doesn't take guff from anyone. Her relationship with Corvin happens fast, but he is hard to resist! I love the world building and magic system. It's incredibly original. It's fae and artifact magic, shapeshifting, elemental, and the way it displays itself for Maeve is like she's in a video game with leveling up and descriptions. This lends to very unique characters like Senshia and Bentley. (I would love to see more of those two!) I'll definitely be picking up the next book.

You can find Ember Holt on her site and buy the book here.

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1 comentario

Elizabeth Hartman Seckman
Elizabeth Hartman Seckman
11 sept 2023

I like something that is hard to pin down, so definitely worth checking out!

Me gusta
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