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Review of The Seventh Run (Apotheosis #1)

Blurb: Come one, come all! The Seventh Running of the Kessivan Dungeon is about to begin!

In a matter of days, the Grand Dungeon of Kess will be opened once again for all comers to compete!

Aspirants from all of the races and nations will be in attendance this year. Humans, Dwarves, Elves of all shape and color, Beastkin, Korgan, and even the assorted demi-humans are all here, and among them is a newcomer by the name of Myles Chase, a [Baker] with dreams larger than a rising loaf of leavened bread. He is one of many that are willing to risk it all to change their fates and be counted among the heroes of legend.

Does he have what it takes? Will he survive? Only time, and a little luck, will tell.

Review: Myles Chase has adventure in his heart and leaves his life as a [Baker] to enter the seventh running of the Grand Dungeon of Kess. Knowing that his culinary skills alone aren't going to help him win, he tests for a new class and becomes a [Monster Tamer]. Can Myles master his new class and find a party to help him succeed in the dungeon, or will he be but a sweet morsel for a monster to devour on the first level?

This is such a fun first book to an exciting LitRPG series. Myles has a big heart, and I was rooting for him as the underdog right away. I love that he isn't perfect and powerful right out of the gate. He makes mistakes, but I appreciate they aren't stupid ones. He begins his life as the son of the [Royal Baker] and that is the life path everyone expects of him, but when he decides he wants to compete in the dungeon run, his father is shocked. Myles loves his family, so this makes it extra hard on him going in. He tests and becomes a [Monster Tamer] which is a lot like you'd imagine; very close to Pokemon. Players can't kill other players on the dungeon's first level, but the monsters sure can. Myles has no combat experience, but thankfully his first monster does, and I adore her. I won't spoil anything by giving that surprise away!

There is fantastic world-building and there are several layers with lots going on. There is tension between the players and factions forming. One player is trying to organize them all, and it makes me wonder why. As the dungeon run goes along, there will be other aspects like sponsors and the media. (Sort of like The Hunger Games.) The whole cast is great, and my favorites include Lyna and Tail. Lots of unique classes and uses of magic. Overall, a good wholesome LitRPG with a lot of action, humor, and intrigue.

You can find R.J. Triveri on Amazon and buy the book here.

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