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Review of Unexpectedly You

Blurb: Brooke Winters has every second of her day planned out. She makes lists for the satisfaction of checking things off. When Marks Events and Weddings has an opening, she knows she’s perfect for the job. What she doesn’t expect is that the boss’s unkempt and full of bad attitude son will be the person she works most closely with.

Nate Marks lost his fiancé and his best friend the moment he walked in on them sleeping together. He finds himself back at home in Las Vegas with his mother, taking photos for her wedding planning business instead of creating a portfolio to show at art galleries. Heartbroken and lost, Nate couldn’t care less about how he’s perceived by wedding clients… or the newest hire, Brooke.

When Brooke finds Nate at the office passed out and hung over, she quickly fixes him up to look presentable for their meetings. Nate spills about his broken relationship, and soon their clashed personalities balance each other out. But when they both discover there might be more between them, they panic.

Brooke’s determined to live life on her schedule, which never included a relationship with a co-worker or friend, and with Nate still aching over the girl he thought he’d spend his life with—they’re both about to lose a love they never expected to find.

Review: Brooke Winters is struggling to be her perfect self. Everything is planned out, even relationships. She lands a job as a wedding event coordinator and is frustrated by the boss' son and the company's photographer, Nate Marks. Nate is her total opposite and it drives her bonkers, but yet somehow his messy look and spontaneous ways wiggle into her heart. A relationship with a co-worker is not in Brooke's planner, but she can't help her heart aching for him.

This was a fun and light contemporary romance. The writing is smooth and the characters easy to like. Brooke was a riot with all her schedules and checklists. I sometimes tease myself that I have to make lists to remember things, but I don't make nearly as many or as detailed lists as Brookie! Her OCD was cute, but I would have liked to have seen more of the struggles with her perfectionism. Nate was absolutely wonderful, and his struggles with his breakup with his previous long term girlfriend was well done. Nate and Brooke clashed but in the best of ways. The cast of characters was hilarious especially moments with Nate's brother and their mother's boyfriend. Lots of laughs and the romance was absolutely sweet.

Check out the sites of Cassie Mae and Mia Josephs and buy the book here.

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