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Review of Warlock at Law

Blurb: Attorney Alistair Burke has been newly hired to represent supernaturals who find themselves in legal trouble in the state of Wisconsin. His first major client is a shapeshifter on trial for a murder he didn’t commit, an already tough job further complicated because Alistair must defend his client while preventing mundane humans from discovering supernaturals live among them.

The case turns out to be the tip of the iceberg– the first move in a slaver's plot to capture and kill local supernaturals, using their life energy to power his own necromantic magic.

Although Alistair is by no means ready to deal with the situation, he will not allow his friends to die….

Review: Every supernatural accused of a crime needs a lawyer who is also supernatural. Alistair Burke may not be a warlock like everyone thinks he is, but he does have a pact with a fallen angel. His first client is a shapeshifter accused of murder, and Alistair is suddenly wrapped up in a slaver's plot. He's thrown into the fire in the hidden supernatural world without a clue what to do. When his friends are taken, he will stop at nothing to save them, but it could mean his life as well.

This is a contemporary urban fantasy that was such a fun read. Usually in this genre, we see a main character that fights, like Morgan, the Guardian of the region, in this story. She's not the focus, though. It's Alistair who is a first time criminal defense lawyer, and he can't fight at all (well, he does know how to fence). I loved seeing a different sort of protagonist who did a lot of talking and outsmarting. Sometimes he needed the help of his more powerful friends, but he's new to this. Lots of surprises were revealed, and I really want to learn more about the fallen angel, Abbadonna, or Abby, as Alistair calls her. I've been to Wisconsin several times, and I love how well the setting and culture is captured. Love Morgan and her family, and while the villain is obvious and completely loathsome, he was fun to hate. This book has left me wanting more stories with Alistair Burke. Highly recommended to urban fantasy fans.

You can find R.L. Baranowski on their site and buy the book here.

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1 commentaire

Elizabeth Hartman Seckman
Elizabeth Hartman Seckman
26 sept. 2023

This sounds like an amazing read!

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