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Review for Ensnaring the Duke

Blurb: This wallflower never wanted marriage... But dukes rarely play by the rules…

Lady Abigail Weston has been a failure as a debutante. But how was a lady to succeed without a mother to guide her? She’s better off remaining by the wall anyway. Her little sister Lydia needs her help so that she doesn’t fail in all the ways that Abigail did. She’ll sacrifice her own chances, for those of her sister.

But an unexpected invitation to a house party sends Abbigail’s carefully laid plans awry when she catches the attention of the reluctant to marry Duke of Worthing and now she has to choose. Pursue the elusive duke or dedicate herself to her sister?

Love and dukes… If Abigail isn’t careful, they will ruin even the most well intentioned of wallflowers.

Review: Preferring quiet moments in the countryside over busy social scenes, Lady Abigail Weston has not had any luck attracting the attention of a suitor. She only wants to stay home to take care of her younger sister Lydia, but she must make an effort to please her father. So Abigail accepts an invitation to a house party at the Duke of Worthing's estate. She captures the Duke's eye but she doesn't know what to choose: a future with him or to be a guardian for her sister?

This isn't a genre I read often, but I was in the mood for a little proper Regency tease and romance. "Oh look! Her ankle! I'm full of desire." It makes me giggle. Plus it's a light and fun read. I love the idea of the wallflowers finding love rather than the belles of the balls. Abigail is a sweet and big hearted woman. Since her mother passed away, she has taken to caring for her sister. She also has no one to escort her and make introductions in the Season. Three go by with no proposals, and Abigail has given up. Until the gorgeous Duke of Worthing comes along. He doesn't think himself worthy of being a duke after his elder brother's death, but can he be a better man for Abigail? Even he's not certain. The two of them must fight their internal battles while trying to remain proper with the sizzling tension between the two of them. There are a couple of hot intimate scenes, but we still get 'ankle' moments.

You can find Daphne Quinn on Facebook and buy the book here.

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