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Review for The Flood Circle (Twenty Palaces #5)

Blurb: The three original spellbooks, source of all magic in the world, have been found, and Ray Lilly has already “acquired” one. Now he and Annalise are on a historic mission to get the other two and they’re ready to kill anyone who gets in their way.

If they succeed, the Twenty Palace Society will become more powerful than it has ever been and could truly safeguard humanity from both extra-dimensional predators and the people who summon them.

But this time their enemies are more formidable than any they’ve ever faced before. What starts as a covert mission to hunt sorcerers quickly collapses into a desperate—and very public—struggle to survive. Can Ray and Annalise track down and kill these sorcerers before they execute a plan to drive the human race to the edge of extinction?

Review: Ray Lilly and his boss Annalise hunt monsters for a living. Working for the Twenty Palaces Society doesn't make it any easier, especially when they keep a tight rein on their magic. There are three original spellbooks in the world, the source of all magic, and some crazy billionaire has been trying to find them. Ray and Annalise must not only try to hunt down this rogue sorcerer, but battle all the monsters he leaves in his wake. Ray might be realizing he's very tough to kill, but the rest of the human race isn't, and the monsters are hungry.

It's been a long time since I've read a Twenty Palaces novel, and I'm so happy to fall back into that dark world of magic and extra-dimensional predators. This series has a Lovecraftian feel that I really love. The monsters aren't like anything else you'll find in other urban fantasies. The story is told from Ray's point of view, and he's struggling with trying to hold onto his humanity as his magic and kill count increase. Is he one of the monsters now too? Add that struggle to the fact that more and more predators are being unleased. I hated the jerk of a billionaire from the start, and it was an amazing ride to watch his evil plans unfold. I especially liked seeing much more of Annalise, and getting a peek at what goes on inside her head as she and Ray spend way too much time together. This urban fantasy is gritty and gory and a standout in the genre. I can't wait for the next book!

You can find Harry Connolly on his site and buy the book here.

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1 Comment

Elizabeth Hartman Seckman
Elizabeth Hartman Seckman
Nov 17, 2022

Sounds like a gripping read.

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